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ESP Managed Solutions Vision and Strategy

  • Our vision is to be a Business Solution Provider that Provides Quality Management Consulting Advisory and System Audit Solutions together with  Business Driven ERP Solutions for our Customers, that meets our Customers Business Needs and Expectations, as opposed to providing a Technical solution only.
  • Our Objectives are to deliver Quality Business Solutions using a Detailed Target Operating Model that Governs Short Medium and Long Term Customer Business Objectives while at the same time managing Solution Architectures, Business Processes and Change Management in an ever changing environment.
  • Financially we deliver Quality Business Solutions at an Affordable cost that meets our Customers Value for money Business Expectations.
  • We at all times will provide the highest quality Consultants on projects that have a minimum of 10 years Business and Technology Experience with an appropriate number of Industry deployments.
  • We involve our Customers at all times on our projects and undertake to provide quality pre-implementation product training to customer resources participating on the project. This ensures the delivery of a quality customer business solution at all times.
  • Programme, Project Planning, Quality Management and Project Auditing is a non-negotiable for ESP Managed Solutions. We will not compromise this faculty of our business at any point in time. 
  • All Projects are at all times managed via quality methodologies and all stage gates are signed off prior to the commencement of the next phase of the project. We endeavour to ensure that the customer fully understands the deliverables before signing off each of the stage gates.

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